Privacy Policy

What information do we collect about you?

Around the Cycle (ATC) collects information when you fill out a form for a new consignment account, and that can include things like your name, address, email, phone, etc.  ATC also stores information regarding consignment sale purposes (item description, listing price, sold price, etc.).

What do we do with it?

Most if not all information is what we feel is necessary to facilitate consignment sale operations, and to stay in contact with you. We do not intentionally keep any more information than is absolutely necessary.

How we store your information

All information is typically stored in an electronic database, which we keep protected as securely as possible.

We also keep regular backups of our databases, which we also keep protected as securely as possible.

For security, we use SSL (HTTPS) to access and store your information, and our computer applications use standard authentication practices.

Who has access to this information (employees, third parties)

Employees have access to all information given to us regarding consignors and items for sale.

Regarding third parties, in order to facilitate sales we need to share information about items for sale with services such as eBay, Shopify, listing services, etc. Personal information, such as name, phone number, etc., are typically not passed on to these services.

Email communication

When signing up for a consignment account, you are automatically "opted-in" for communication regarding your account and notifications regarding sales of items, payment, etc. For less critical email notifications, we will provide a way to unsubscribe from these emails. Please contact us if you would like anything changed about our email communication with you.

Updates to this policy

This privacy policy may be changed in the future.

Last updated 2017-07-20